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E-Watch - Public Safety Through Partnership

A wireless video solution will enhance our Police agency’s ability to better protect our communities, as well as our own personnel. 

By bringing video to more places, these solutions extend the reach of existing personnel, allowing them to better monitor our urban center, out of the way locations, high traffic intersections and special events.

Recognizing that public safety isn’t solely a policing responsibility we are asking our corporate and business community to help fund additional cameras in their areas of the city. We believe that placement of an E-watch camera(s) in public view of your business will reduce crime, enhance the safety of your employees and clients and allow police to have immediate eyes in your area in the event of incident.


Increased safety – The presence of video surveillance cameras can have a positive effect on increasing public safety. Early detection can lead to crime prevention.

Crime deterrent – The mere presence of video surveillance cameras can act as a powerful crime deterrent. Individuals are less likely to commit a crime if they suspect that they are being monitored.

Provides evidence for investigations – Evidence that has been obtained from video gathered from video surveillance cameras has proven invaluable in many police investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will these cameras be used?

A: Once an E-Watch camera is installed and activated, CPS plans to use what is called “passive monitoring” of the cameras. In other words, CPS members generally will not be watching the camera images in real time unless there is a directed police use to do so. For example if the Police receive a call about someone stealing from cars in the area of an E-Watch camera then that camera will be used to watch and gather evidence about the suspect until the Police arrive on the scene.

Q: Are the cameras recording?

A: Yes, recordings are kept for 14 Days. This allows police to investigate and solve crimes if criminal activity is reported within that time period in the areas where the cameras are situated. Recordings will not be reviewed or kept longer if no criminal activity has been reported.

Q: Will the cameras be used to see into homes or other buildings?

A: No. E-Watch cameras observe public spaces only, where the courts have held there is no reasonable expectation of privacy

Q: How will the CPS use these videos? Will other people have access to these video recordings?

A: Policies and procedures on the use and disclosure of video recording are in accordance with the guidelines established by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Audits shall be conducted periodically to ensure compliance with these established practices.

For more information about the E-Watch
Contact Det\Cst Sid Stead
902-394-4422 or sstead@charlottetown.ca